Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting to know me

My favorite thing is the car. Every time Nice Lady takes me out to potty, I stop by the car door to remind her that we need to go for a drive. Today we drove to a park and she let me sniff every square nanometer.

Here's me waiting hopefully at the car door.

Here are some things Nice Lady is finding out about me:
1. I have the stinkiest farts of all the dogs in the world.
2. Now that I am getting more comfortable in my new home, Nice Lady is finding out that I can be a Pushy Monster.
3. I am no where close to dying.

Here's me in the car with my snaggle lip. 
It gets caught like this sometimes.
And one final thing. Here's a list of all the new names Nice Lady calls me:

1. Piggy
2. Big Baby
3. Monster
4. Monkey


  1. I think "Monkey" may be a common nick-name amongst red-nosed, padiddle-eyed pitties. I call G my monkey all the time! :) Looking good, Birdy!

  2. @goosie 'padiddle-eyed' - what a great word! You're right, I think Monkey is a common endearment. I have a human lover I call Monkey.

  3. Well, if you feed a dog a cheeseburger, you might get some special thanks out the other end! Hey, after you reach a certain age, a lady doesn't need to apologize for any of her gaseous emissions! I love that you love to ride in the car, Birdy, and you're always trying to remind your Nice Lady that the car needs exercise, too! Have fun cruisin' and looking for hot elderbulls!

  4. Ha! With that super crazy menu you shared yesterday, we're not surprised about your major stinky farts Birdy. :-) Nice to see you having so much fun.

  5. At this very moment one of my dogs-a Boston Terrier of almost 11 years is snoring loudly and punctuating with farts so bad my eyes are watering. Farts that awaken him and make him look at his butt like "who is messing with my butt?" Besides, I knew an older English lady who said the worse your farts smell, the healthier you are. So there you go, Miss Birdy. You are just getting healthier. Think of it as "Health Perfume" Nice Lady and add a new nickname-"LePew"! Miss Birdy LePew--sounds like a Southern socialite!

  6. Birdy, you are such a great writer. I love hearing about your new life. Thanks so much to Nice Lady for all she's doing for you!

  7. i've been following birdy's story with great interest. maybe it sounds ridiculous but hearing that she's 'nowhere close to dying' just about got the waterworks going. what a pup. time to go home and hug my own pibble extra tight.