Monday, April 16, 2012

my blue jewel

I was sick a few days ago, for two days. I threw up three times in one day and looked like someone had vacuumed all the life out of me. The Lady was quite distraught. She thought that I was At The End. I thought there was another reason I didn't feel well.

She has a friend that she talks to all the time on her iPad. That thing that let's them sniff each other's muzzles. I think it's called Face Time, though I think Muzzle Time is a better name. Anyway, her friend was sick, and had a couple of days of throw-up and the icky poop. I think I caught that bad bug through the iPad. The Lady rolled her eyes and told me that's not how it works, but it's okay for us to disagree.

Then, The Lady made a discovery today that she thinks might account for my bad tummy. She found this boot of hers that I'd recently snacked on.

Here's the boot that I snacked on.

When she picked it up and was inspecting my handiwork, she heard a rattling around noise. She shook the boot, and guess what? I had left a small gift in the boot for her, like a present tucked inside a Christmas stocking. One of my teeth. A molar.

Here's the Christmas gift I left tucked inside the boot. 

Anyway, I'm all better now, and no one has to worry. I was just sick like normal people and dogs. Because a bad bug seeped through Muzzle Time on her iPad. It was not The End.

Also, she's taken to calling my blue eye my blue jewel. I can't feel the difference between my eyes, but I'm glad I have treasure in my body that I can give my Lady.

Here I am with my blue jewel.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

gooshy and warm

I see my Lady told you all about my visit to the vet and how I'm doing. I read all your comments and feel all gooshy and warm inside your love. 

While the Lady was writing I was busy with important stuff. Like I dug a humungous hole at the edge of the garden. I placed it precisely to make it the best possible tripping opportunity for the gardener. I hope he appreciates the care I took. And even though I told the Lady I was going outside to dig a big hole, when she saw my muzzle and paws encrusted in dirt, and found my hole, she was shocked. I don't understand. I told her. 

Here I am after digging my hole. 
Notice how much dirt I was able to 
get on my nose, toes and speedboat.

Here's the really big hole I dug.

And the lumpus wound drops the vet gave me are working very fast. I'm finally out of the speedboat and wretched hard clear plastic cone of misery.

Here I am last night without my speedboat. 
If you look closely, you can see my 
Fetching Tags tag. It says, 
Scratch My Butt. Which is my favorite thing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

til the wheels fall off

It's Bird's Lady writing today. We went to the vet yesterday. I asked Bird if she wanted to write a blog post and she said, how about you write it today, I want to go outside and dig a big hole in the garden. So, I'm writing and she's digging.

The vet said the lumpus wasn't really a lymphoma lumpus. She thought it was a fungal infection, and gave me some drops for it. She felt that a surgical solution was not a good way to go with Bird. So, drops it is. After just two applications, the wound is starting to heal.

She palpated Bird and commented that the area around her diaphragm and lungs was stiffer, that the tumors feel like they've grown. Bird wheezes often now. When the time comes to let her go, it will probably be because she can't breathe.

She also has had a hard time defecating. But not because her stool is hard. The vet explained that the tumors have grown around her lumbar spine, making it hard for Bird to assume 'the position' so that she has to strain. She suggested I increase the amount of fish oil I put into her food.

So, I know this post is not written in the usual light, humorous manner. The vet thought Bird was definitely showing signs of weakness. I want to prepare everyone that loves her. She may be on the decline. I know I was in denial, almost as if she was a regular dog. And old girl, but not sick. So, here it is. Who knows how long she has. To me it feels like maybe two months. How do I know? I couldn't say. I could be totally wrong. But I don't want to just post one day out of the blue and tell you she's gone.

Thank you for all of your precious love, Anneke

Here we are, living and loving til the wheels fall off.