Sunday, February 26, 2012

she's home!

The Lady is home from from her trip to Colorado. Living with OM (Other Mommy) was fine, but I think my ways stressed her out a little bit. Like how I don't really poop on a schedule. She had to go to work most days and was afraid she would come home to a big pile of poop in the kitchen, since I wouldn't poop before she left. 

I did not leave any piles of poop anywhere. 

Also, my leg grew a brand new lumpus while The Lady was gone. It looks like a tree branch trying to grow a new limb. 

Here I am with my new leg lumpus.

I am very happy The Lady is home. I think my new lumpus grew just so I had a welcome home present to give to The Lady. 


  1. I'm glad you did not leave OM any poo presents and I wish you didn't have a new lumpus to welcome your lady home. But good for you for being a good sport and looking on the bright side!

  2. what a good girl, we all love you and are worried about you birdy!

  3. That's an interesting lumpus. Could it be a bite of some sort?

    1. Nancy, it's definitely not a bite. Unfortunately.

  4. Glad I found these updates about you Miss Birdy. Glad to know you are still doing well.

  5. Our best girl died of lympho a year ago yesterday. It makes me happy and sad at the same time to read about Miss Birdie. Thanks for sharing her exploits..