Thursday, March 15, 2012

less than pleased

I have a lumpus on my leg that I can't seem to leave alone with my mouth, so I've ended up in this wretched thing. The Lady has got to be kidding, right? She tried a softer collar, but I was able to push it right off with my paw. Not so much with this one. Someone please come save me...

Here I am trapped in my cone of misery.


  1. Oh, Birdy Girl, that doesn't look fun. I hope she at least takes the tag off! Perhaps this will be the proper inducement to leave the leg lumpus alone?

  2. Poor birdy - perhaps if you give your lady the sad eyes some more, she'll give you even more yummy treats to ease your misery.

  3. Maybe she could make you some pants like Audie wore when he got his knees fixed?

  4. You still look pretty sweet girl. Hope you get to have extra treats and fun while you have to wear that collar. Get better soon sweetie.

  5. Birdy, I was thinking about you in your cone during the night. You are quite right in believing that the lumpus doesn't belong there. However, worrying away at it will not make it better and might make you worse. Has your Lady tried any kind of protective sleeve over the lumpus? I don't have any great suggestions, but would be sorry if you had to spend so much time in the sunset of your life in a cone.

  6. Aww. For cone alternatives there's the Comfy Cone which is a black, cushy cone. It did not work for my dog because it blocked her peripheral vision. What worked for her was Pro Collar which looks like a pool innertube and secures on the dog's collar. It's inflatable, soft when they lie down, and does not block peripheral vision. Both my dogs used it and worked great - they acted like it wasn't even there. I got it at Petco.

    One of my girls had to be fit with a custom leg cover for a chronic lick granuloma. We purchased at They have different solutions depending on part of body. Great customer service. In the end, the dogleggs boot was the cure after suffering for over 5 years and she spent her last year of life lick granuloma free. :)

  7. Everyone, thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments. I will look into your various suggestions. I had purchased a soft Kong inflatable collar for Bird, but it was too large. I didn't feel like I could wait another day to keep her from worrying the wound, so I purchased this hard cone at a local pet supply store. I will look into the other softer, more comfortable options. Though at this point, she seems okay with wearing the cone of misery.

    I tried putting gauze and tight wrap around her leg, but it wouldn't stay on. I'll look into some of the options you've suggested. She may need to get the wound treated at the vet, but I don't think she could manage even a simple I & D, as I don't think she could tolerate any kind of anesthesia. I can spray Vetericyn on the wound now without her licking it away and that's helping. It's not infected and it appears to be healing. I am also doing Reiki on her. So, we'll see how it progresses over the next few days. Thank you for for loving Birdy as you do.

  8. Could we get an update on the girl? I think of Birdy often and am worried. Thank you!

    1. The lumpus wound on Bird's arm is not healing. We have an appointment to see her vet on Monday, April 2nd. I will keep you posted. Other than that, she is doing really great. Thanks for your love.

  9. Thank you so much for updating us on Birdy!

    I have been checking your blog every day, but I was afraid something bad had happened when I didn't see any new posts.

    Please know that there are so many of us out there, reading your blog and hoping for the best for Birdy, even if we don't comment on your blog.

    A long time reader :) who is in the army of Birdy - lovers!