Saturday, March 31, 2012


The Lady went away on a business trip again to Colorado. That's why I haven't been able to let you know how I've been, because she always takes the computer when she travels. I asked The Lady to get me my own computer, but she just rolled her eyes and said, no. She said, if I wanted my own computer, I would have to get a job, like shoveling snow or mowing lawns. I rolled my eyes.

My OM stayed with me, and we had a good time. I've been kinda constipated so OM gave me lots of extra greens, and pumpkin and olive oil, which did the trick. Eating extra was not a chore. 

My leg lumpus wound is not better. It's worse, so we're going to see the Nice Lady Vet this Monday to get it taken care of. 

In the meantime, I've been living in various forms of e-collar. The one I wear most often looks like a life vest, like what I'd wear if I got to go on a speedboat. The Lady has taken to calling me Speedboat.

I know I don't look so great in this photo. I was in my post-breakfast-about to fall asleep mode. Plus it's raining out and the sound makes me drowsy. But I'm really okay, so no one needs to worry. 

Here I am ready to go for 
zoom in the speedboat.


  1. Speedboat Birdy! I'm glad you're going to get the leg lumpus taken care of so you don't have to always be in speedboat mode. My dog is going to the vet on Thursday to get a lumpus of her own checked out--the last one was a malignant mast cell tumor, so we like to keep abreast of the lumpuses around here! By the way, you could have argued that looking cute and giving kisses is work that is every bit as important as shoveling snow and mowing lawns, but I suspect that the Lady would have just rolled her eyes.

  2. Good to hear from you Birdy, we miss you when you are quiet. I've been wondering about your lumpus so I'm very happy to hear you are getting rid of it. Keep us posted. Tell them to give you a kiss from me :-)

  3. Aww Birdy you look so cute and comfy with your built-in pillow. I hope your lumpus removal goes well.

  4. Another cute story. Glad to hear from you again Miss Birdy and that blue collar looks so pretty on you. Hope you get better real soon and we are looking forward to another great update from you soon. Stay well sweet, pretty girl.

  5. Aw Birdy, you look so sweet even mid-morning-nap-haze. Hope the Nice Vet Lady fixes you up all nice and prettie soon! :)

  6. I hope getting your lumpus removed is a quick and relatively painless process. My doggie had to get a lumpus removed last week. It seems to be healing well. I like your blue speed boat vest it brings out your pretty eyes.