Wednesday, April 4, 2012

gooshy and warm

I see my Lady told you all about my visit to the vet and how I'm doing. I read all your comments and feel all gooshy and warm inside your love. 

While the Lady was writing I was busy with important stuff. Like I dug a humungous hole at the edge of the garden. I placed it precisely to make it the best possible tripping opportunity for the gardener. I hope he appreciates the care I took. And even though I told the Lady I was going outside to dig a big hole, when she saw my muzzle and paws encrusted in dirt, and found my hole, she was shocked. I don't understand. I told her. 

Here I am after digging my hole. 
Notice how much dirt I was able to 
get on my nose, toes and speedboat.

Here's the really big hole I dug.

And the lumpus wound drops the vet gave me are working very fast. I'm finally out of the speedboat and wretched hard clear plastic cone of misery.

Here I am last night without my speedboat. 
If you look closely, you can see my 
Fetching Tags tag. It says, 
Scratch My Butt. Which is my favorite thing.


  1. Adorable. Thanks again for sharing. Keep on having fun, the both of you, and again, thanks for sharing this beautiful dog with us and your great heart full of compassion.

  2. Nice job with the hole, Birdy Girl! And I'm SO glad that you're able to put the speedboat look behind you! It's hard enough to be a wheezy, lumpusy old girl who can hardly poop without having to sport a cone of shame as well! Keep on lovin' and livin' life to the fullest--while you're busy enjoying the moment, you're teaching all of us a very valuable lesson.

  3. LOL! My dog hated the "cone of (shame, misery... take your pick)" so much after she was spayed that I never did put the darned thing back on her after the first night. Our "speedboat" didn't hold air so that experiment was a total flop. I want to think that she was so grateful not to have that wicked collar on that she decided not to bother her sutures... of course that's just my wishful thinking. Great job on the hole, Birdy. I, too, hope the gardener appreciates your thoughtfulness. ;)

  4. Birdie has been in my heart since she first moved to the Barn. Her story is incredible and I am so happy for this angel that the end of her life has been filled with the love and care she deserves. Thank you for giving Birdie a wonderful home and keeping her in comfort. And especially, thank you for sharing her journey. I hope we are underestimating her and that she has more time than we think.

  5. Birdie, just checking up on you to see how you are doing and feeling. We are thinking about you and the nice lady.

  6. miss birdy, we are always keeping you and your Nice Lady in our thoughts. sending you lots of virtual butt scratches, sweet girl!