Tuesday, January 24, 2012

all your beds are belong to us

I have powers. Normally I weigh just 45 pounds. But when I get up on the bed, right in the middle, with my head on The Lady's pillow, my body magically transforms into 50 million tons. The Lady thinks the middle of the bed and her pillow belong to her. She pushes me and pushes me, then begs me to move, then finally says, okay have it your way. Then she torques herself around my dead weight. Then we go to sleep. 
Here I am sleeping under the covers with my head on the pillow,
snoring into The Lady's ear. It's just better like this.

Here I am drifting off to sweet dreams.

Here I am curled up. Can't The Lady see that I'm
cold and need the covers pulled up over me?

Here I am in my rightful place, the middle of the bed. 

You get the idea. 


  1. Yes! There's nothing heavier than a dog that doesn't want to be moved! I'm glad you're so cozy, but be nice to your lady, okay? You want her refreshed enough in the mornings to make sure you get lots of sweet goodies! But I must wrap up this comment because the picture of you with your head on the pillow looking so very sleepy has made me so very sleepy. Sweet dreams!

  2. Birdie - that's so funny, I just posted an entry about G and her ridiculous sleep habits! Must be a tan, padiddle pittie thing :)

  3. Oh, and I forgot to give you credit for the great blog title! Who knew you were so up on the old memes?

  4. My husband deals with this also-only with 90lb & 60lb Bully mixes and a rather flatulent 28lb Boston Terrier. I just go in my sewing room to a little bed in there and shut the door! :o)
    My husband says he gets up to use the restroom and comes back to a brindle and white girl with her head on his pillow. And she WON'T move! I am trying to figure out if two double beds would fit in our room but probably wouldn't help...
    SO--Should I embroider some "B"s on bed linen and send them over?
    OH, and-I SWEAR Birdy is smirking in the first two pics! Love to see her so comfy and LOVED!

    1. I don't think it would help to put two double beds in the bedroom, because the dogs will only want to be on the same bed with the humans. Maybe a super King bed instead!

      If you really want a project, I think Birdy would love a sleeping blankie with some B's embroidered. If you really want to do something like that.

      She has the best smile, which often looks like smirking.

      Thanks for loving Birdy the way you do.

    2. Hmmm...a blankie...let's see what I can come up with.
      OH BTW thinking of the Super King and the dogs: I can't get that Carpenter's song "Close to You" out of my head now. aaaahhhh aaahhh....close to you...
      I guess it's better than the time I had the theme song from Spongebob stuck in my head!

  5. My dogs seem to think sleeping in the middle of the bed is the best too-- anywhere that makes me totally uncomfortable! Sometimes they get pushed out, but that doesn't stop them from climbing right back in! Birdy is gorgeous!

  6. Birdy looks so comfortable and content, that face would make you feel guilty for even considering moving her. I have a staffordshire bull terrier that loves to do the same, often 'nesting' before he takes pride of place on the bed.