Friday, January 27, 2012

regime change

I heard The Lady whispering. About me and how well I'm doing. I have lots of energy - I even do zoomies! My fur is shining. The owies on my nose are clearing up. I've gained weight. And my neck lumpuses are shrinking. So...she thinks that I can manage a small amount of stress. In the form of training. 

I've heard her go on and on about the Nothing In Life Is Free program for dogs. Normal dogs. But she's held off because she didn't want to stress me in any way. For me so far it's been Everything In Life Is Free. She said I've become quite the spoiled monster and that it's time for a change. Apparently she thinks that I won't have a nervous breakdown learning Sit, Down and Stay. And maybe eventually even Watch Me, Leave It and Wait. 

I don't know what this training thing is, but she said it was going to be fun, like a big party that involves lots of yummy treats. Oh yeah, let's get started!

Here I am smiling, thinking about when I get to 
start my new Nothing In Life Is Free training program.


  1. Wow! I'm glad you're doing so well that your lumpuses are getting smaller and you're up for some training! Hint: the more you do what the lady asks, the more sweet goodies you get! Have fun!

  2. I dunno Lady... I'm on board until you get to Leave It and Wait, should Birdy need to wait for even one little thing??? ;-)

  3. Yay Birdie! Glad to hear you're feeling better (zoomies are awesome)!

  4. Good to hear the lumpuses are getting smaller. Leave it and Wait usually are just for a few seconds so you can handle it. Thanks again to The Lady for taking such good care of you.

  5. I just found these blogs about Birdy. Missed them all together. Glad I found them. So happy you are doing well Birdy.