Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my big Paco Collars adventure

We drove down to Berkeley today to Paco Collars. The Lady loves Paco Collars. She told me she had wanted to get me one, but she was afraid that would jinx things. That if she got me something as permanent and meaningful as a Paco Collar, then I might die as soon as she slipped it around my neck.

I think she needs to examine her mental processes. 

So, instead of getting me a Paco Collar, she ordered herself a Paco Collar human bracelet. But she didn't know how to measure her wrist and the size she told them was way too big. So, we went down there to get it fixed.

While she was in the store she told the owner, Ana Poe, that she had a Bad Rap dog who was sick.

And guess what? Ana knew me back when I was in the Barn and she guessed it was me! I got to go in the store, and before we knew it, I had my own Paco Collar. Ana picked out a beautiful Martingale Jojo. I think it matches my fur perfectly, and the jade-green jewels highlight my elegance. 

The Martingale is perfect for me. It stays loose around the lumpuses on my neck, but I can't slip out of it, like if I see a cat and my jaws tell me 'Go get the Bad Cat!' Not a good time to slip out of my collar, so a Martingale is just the thing for me. 

I also don't think having my own Paco Collar will have any bad effects on my health. 

Here I am in a photo that Ana Poe took
of me in my new Paco Collar. The Lady says 
this is one of her favorite Bird looks. 

Here I am with an up-close view so 
you can see how nice the tan matches my 
fur and how pretty the green jewels are.

The Lady insisted on showing off her new bracelets too.

Griffin with Ranger Star
This is the one she ordered. 

While she was in the store 
she had to get this one too.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous collar! And you're right, it looks fabulous on you! My guess is a collar like that might give an ol' girl a good reason to stick around and stand up to the lumpuses and say, "No, you bad lumpuses, you're not the boss of me!" I bet they'll listen to you now that you're such a well-dressed woman. I'm glad your Nice Lady is well-dressed, too!

  2. What a great adventure! And Birdy, you look absolutely gorgeous in your lovely Paco Collar, you lucky girl. Your lumpuses look like they're shrinking. I bet that beautiful collar is going to be your personal good luck collar. And your Nice Lady is going to look lovely too in her beautiful bracelets.

  3. Oh Birdy - how magnificent you look in your new Paco Collar! And the Nice Lady - just gorgeous! I think this new collar is going to be your lucky charm and bless you into having many more wonderful times and a long life with the Nice Lady! God Bless you Nice Lady! Thank you for keeping us posted on Birdy and her adventures! Bless You!!!

  4. It looks lovely on you Miss Birdy! And might I add how nice and filled-out your back is looking - not a skeleton in sight! So glad you're doing well.

  5. That's a grin on your face, Birdy! You look gorgeous in you "dog jewelry"! But you were gorgeous before that.
    I can picture you and your Lady, driving home in the car with all your combined "bling" on. I hope you are keeping track of these adventures--I can see a kid's book in the making "Driving Miss Birdy" with drawings of you and your Lady doing stuff. Like driving in the car to places and trying to sleep in the same bed. Very entertaining! (hint hint)